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Painter, designer, illustrator.  Born in Los Angeles, California on August 6, 1948.

Raised in Hollywood and later in Pasadena, CA.  Studied early under Daryl Ebert in Huntington Beach and later as a five year full time student Art Center College of Design under Lorser Feitelson among others.

At first Bruce specialized in figure drawings, portraiture and painting then changed his major to Advertising Design. In April of 2005, thirty years after co-founding the advertising agency Cardinal Wilson & Wilson and working through several mergers, he retired and turned his attentions back to painting with hopes of becoming an emerging artist.

Bruce has been experimenting mixing his own pigments with oil pastels and oils into creamy consistencies and applying them to ultra smooth gessoed boards in high heat conditions. His process is called "Thermal Oil & Wax." His paintings are starting to take on an abstract/surrealist feel. Member of or past member of:  Pasadena Society of Artists, California Art Club, MAFA. Art Center Alumni.

Bruce was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 2007 from Art Center College of Design.

Notable exhibits:  The One Show (New York Museum of Modern Art 1974. American Artist Magazine Methods and Materials juried show 2005, Awards: Best of Category.

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